Testing For Air Tightness

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If your developing new-build housing, then one of the aspects you’ll be required to check is air tightness. This is to help make sure that your buildings meet the necessary air permeability target that you have had to specify in the SAP calculations previously.

Also known as air permeability and air pressure testing, air tightness tests are now an essential requirement to comply with Building Regulations L1a and L2a regulations for England and Wales. This test is a necessity as, without it, you may find you cannot have your building signed off by Building Control, whether that is a private officer or from the local authority.

At Healthy Abode, just like we can help with your necessary sound insulation testing, we can also help with air tightness testing too. Our expert consultants are highly experienced and are fully accredited members of The Independent Air Tightness Testing Scheme for Qualified Air Testers (iATS). From creating your SAP calculations to final confirmation of air permeability, we can help at every stage.

Why Is Air Tightness Important?

Air tightness is an essential indicator of how energy efficient a building is. This is of vital importance in today’s climate-focused and energy-saving world. The more a building leaks air, the more heat the building can also lose. Consequently, focusing on air tightness and permeability, you can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the building while also increase its energy efficiency and lower energy bills too.

As well as conducting air permeability tests, our experts can also work as consultants, helping you to achieve your air tightness targets. We’re on hand to help at every step, giving as much guidance as possible to reduce the potentially costly remedial effects that your local authority may require.

With site reviews, testing and results as well as an ongoing checklist for your work, we work hard to try to reduce the risk of costly remedial action while also trying to help projects exceed their targets for greater energy efficiency.

If you’d like help ensuring your buildings are as air tight and energy-efficient as possible, speak to the team at Healthy Abode where we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further and explain our air tightness testing services.

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