Noise Modelling Services

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At Healthy Abode, we are leading the way with innovative acoustic testing and management. One of the ways we help our clients is through cutting-edge noise modelling services, which can create a detailed and comprehensive noise map for your next project.

Following the British Standards’ accepted calculations for predicting noise propagation and using state-of-the-art software from Soundplan, we can create environmental noise modelling maps to predict the noise levels and any noise pollution concerns for your project.

Our maps will take into account the physical environment of your location, including features such as hard and soft ground as well as bodies of water and human-made structures. Consequently, this can help with your site plans, whether that’s for a development site, festival, railway, construction, carpark, roads, ports, stadiums and airports.

With all of our noise modelling services, we make sure to give the most accurate representation possible. This is why our acoustic experts will attend the site to obtain noise measurements and readings that can then input into the software to develop the noise modelling plan.

How Can You Use Noise Modelling?

Before your development is halted for the noise concerns, noise modelling can help to address any potential issues well in advance. With the models, it is possible to test a range of scenarios to help find the best solution for your project. For example, this could be changing the orientation of a stage or speaker. It could be adding an acoustic fence or mapping out other practical ways that you can minimise and adverse noise effects. Combining real-time data to the models helps you to actively see the predicted impact of noise from your actions.

With Healthy Abode and our noise modelling services, you can have total confidence in your plans and show that every effort has been made to predict and reduce noise pollution and adverse sound effects.

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