BS EN ISO 140 – Sound Insulation Testing

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For all construction projects, it is essential to meet the necessary legislation requirements to ensure project success. One of the requirements for your project may be sound insulation. Following BS EN ISO 140 for the ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’, we can conduct sound insulation testing to ensure your construction project is compliant.

Local authorities and regulatory boards will typically want to ensure that every construction project has the necessary sound insulation to reduce the levels of noise pollution. At Healthy Abode, our team of acoustic experts can help to ensure your construction meets the necessary sound insulation standards. We conduct comprehensive internal acoustic testing of any separating walls and floors and create a detailed and easy to read report which is ideal for sharing to the relevant compliance agencies and authorities.

We know your construction project is on a tight deadline, so the team at Healthy Abode are on hand to offer quick, professional and seamless service with a fast turnaround for our findings and reports.

Why Is Sound Insulation Testing Important?

For projects where partitioning walls and floors are used, sound insulation is essential to reduce the level of noise that travels between the areas – this is especially true in residential properties such as house to flat conversions.

At Healthy Abode, we conduct a range of sound insulation tests to ensure your development is fully compliant. These tests include airborne tests to measure the sound transmitted through the air (this simulates the sound levels of conversations, listening to music and watching TV). We also conduct impact noise tests which mimic sound disturbances such as footsteps, chair scraping and washing machines.

Then, if necessary, we can offer advice as to the best ways to mitigate and reduce noise pollution through sound insulation measures.

From party walls to significant developments or industrial premises, Healthy Abode can help you with your sound insulation testing wherever it is needed.

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