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With the potential health-damaging effects of noise, all businesses need to protect their employees from the overexposure of excessive noise levels. At Healthy Abode, our acoustic consultants are on hand to help your business comply with the relevant noise at work regulations and ensure you protect your employees from the harmful effects of high levels of noise.

Why Are Noise At Work Assessments Important?

As well as protecting the health of your employees and those may be impacted by your business processes, there are many regulations in place to reduce excessive noise. Failure to comply with these regulations and directives can lead to penalties, fines and prosecutions. Furthermore, if an employee suffers from health implications as a result of the noise in your workplace, then they could undertake legal action against the employer. This can have significant consequences for the business.

To ensure your business follows the necessary safety directives to protect your workforce, noise at work assessments can help to determine whether your business is compliant and what essential steps, if any, you should take to reduce the impact of noise at work.

How Healthy Abode Can Help

Our expert consultants will start with a thorough site assessment. During this review, the team will need to obtain crucial information such as the number of employees and the typical business activities. Our acoustic experts will then cover all of the noise generating processes on the site and within the business.

From there, we’ll take exact measurements using our state-of-the-art equipment and conduct the necessary acoustic calculations. With this data, we can then offer a comprehensive report that guides you through the legislation and the noise levels that are acceptable. The team will also explain when noise levels will be deemed excessive, with consultative advice on how to mitigate any excessive noise.

This technical report will then be available for your business to share with relevant parties such as the Health and Safety Executive or local authorities and councils.

We can then continue our support with regular health check visits and developing and implementing long-term noise management plans to maintain your compliance and commitment to employees.

To find out more about our Noise at Work assessments and support, get in touch with the team at Healthy Abode today.

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