BS 8233 – Noise Assessments For Residential Development

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We know how frustrating waiting for planning consents can be whether for a small or large-scale residential development. With our expertise and compliance noise assessments, we can help to reduce the delay for your planning consents by ensuring sound insulation and noise reduction compliance in your next residential development project.

For all local authority planning departments, they will need to have the necessary proof and documentation that residential developments will have sufficient noise insulation. In most cases, local authorities will look for BS 8233 as the standard for developments.

At Healthy Abode, we offer BS 8233 Noise Assessments. These can help to determine the noise reduction and insulation properties of the development. Where necessary, our consultants can then provide advice and noise mitigating suggestions to ensure your project is compliant with all of the required noise regulations.

How Our BS 8233 Noise Assessments Work

The acoustic consultants at Healthy Abode will begin work on your project by liaising directly with the necessary local authority. This means we can create a bespoke assessment that meets the requirements of the authority while also meeting your specific needs.

From then, we’ll begin our noise assessments. This will include using highly accurate Class 1 sound level meters to get a precise picture of the local noise climate. All of our noise measuring devices are state-of-the-art, so we can get exact results that satisfy your requirements and that of the local authority.

Once tested, the team will create a detailed report that covers the site in detail with reference to the national and local legislation that is applicable to your residential development project. These comprehensive reports can help to support your planning application and address any noise concerns that the planning authority may have.

If you’re looking for noise assessments and reports to support your planning application for residential development, then get in touch with the team at Healthy Abode today.

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