BS 5228 Surveys For The Construction Industry

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Whether your works are above or below ground, it is essential for construction projects to comply with relevant noise pollution legislation. At Healthy Abode, we conduct BS 5228 noise surveys for construction clients as Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

Understandably, noise and vibration are often inevitable when it comes to construction. However, they can also be a critical concern as excessive levels of noise and vibration can impact nearby businesses and residents as well as noise-sensitive receptors such as hospitals and schools. Furthermore, local authorities have to power to close your site if you do not adhere to the noise limits put in place. Make sure your team never misses a day’s work by ensuring your site it compliant through noise testing and sound monitoring.

Healthy Abode Construction Noise Assessments

At Healthy Abode, our acoustic consultants can create a noise management plan to ensure your site remains fully compliant throughout the construction phase. To avoid your work being halted by a local authority, Healthy Abode can conduct a thorough noise assessment before work commences and then create a Construction Noise Management Plan that is easy to follow throughout the remainder of the construction project.

Furthermore, we can also offer ongoing noise monitoring services to ensure your activities do not breach legislation limits.

Our team of acoustic experts have many years of experience working across a range of construction sites and with many notable construction projects throughout the UK. With our expert knowledge of the British Standards 5228, we can help to keep your site compliant, while also liaising with the local authorities on your behalf.

Keep your business running by prioritising compliance. Healthy Abode is here to help remove the stress of legislative and compliance concerns. From one-off assessments to ongoing maintenance, our team can help your project move forward. Call 01245 206 250 to find out more or to book your consultation.

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