BS4142 – Mechanical Plant And Industrial Noise Surveys

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For your business to ensure a smooth running of your operations, you need to ensure your fully compliant with all of the latest regulations. You don’t want to have to halt your processes because of noise complaints or health and safety issues. At Healthy Abode, we can conduct BS4142 compliant noise assessments for your commercial operation. This means you have the confidence to know exactly where your noise limits lie and that you are following noise pollution regulations.

At Healthy Abode, we offer BS4142 compliant noise surveys throughout Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

Do you need a BS4142 survey?

BS4142 industrial noise surveys are to make sure that your development or operations are compliant with the National Planning and Policy Framework and the Noise Policy Statement for England.

If your premises create industrial or commercial noise that may impact others, you’ll likely need a noise assessment. From air conditioning units to extractor fans and generators, if the daily running of your operation creates noise pollution or you’re looking for planning permission, then instructing a BS4142 survey is essential.

What do we include in our surveys?

Our acoustic experts will begin the survey by getting in touch with the local authority and council representatives and liaise with them accordingly. Local authorities often require a unique set of data for reassurance that your premises are compliant; we will work with these teams to provide the information that they need.

We also undertake extensive periods of noise monitoring so that we can build up an accurate picture of the noise limits of your premises. These noise monitoring periods often extend past 24-hours so we can get a true reflection of everyday noise limits and fluctuations.

With our results, we create a detailed noise survey for your reference, which includes maximum noise levels for your plant or industry. This report can demonstrate your compliance with the necessary legislation. We can calculate sound levels and, where appropriate, implement noise mitigation measures too.

If you’re looking for professional advice or to discuss your noise legislation requirement, speak to the team at Healthy Abode by calling 01245 206 250.

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