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Yes, we’re always keen to talk through your concerns over the telephone and give professional advice though this may be limited, as we always need to undertake a thorough site survey, so as to see the type of property construction, the defect, the extent of dampness, rot or wood infestation and to give comprehensive recommendations on the most suitable remedial treatment.

In our standard quote we allow for time spent on-site for upto 2 hours. This is sufficient for most three bedroom semi-detached houses.

However if the property is particularly large or the defects numerous and you feel we need to spend longer, then please advise us at the quotation stage.

Yes, our standard quotation is for a non-invasive survey, as this does not damage the fabric of the building, or the finishes to the ceiling, walls or floor. During a non-invasive survey we use a variety of specialist equipment including surface and sub-surface damp meters, thermal imaging camera, wall and laser thermometers, and relative humidity meters.

On occasion, such as where rot is identified beneath floorboards, or where a leak needs to be traced, then an invasive survey is required. This type of work involves drilling holes, cutting and lifting floorboards, breaking through plasterboard etc. It can result in damage to the building’s finish and therefore before commencing, written permission of the owner is required. Please note, we are not liable for damage caused or reinstatement of finish.

NO, we don’t! Whilst there are a number of reputable businesses within the industry that offer ‘free’ or even make a nominal payment upto £120 for a survey, these quick site surveys are followed up by a sales pitch and a quotation for their company to undertake the remedial work.

There has also been instances of cowboy treatment companies employing unqualified, commission based salesman, calling themselves Surveyor’s but who have nominal experience and little or no interest in diagnosing the actual problems that are affecting a property.

We also regularly come across instances where a ‘free’ survey has been undertaken and the work quoted for, will not actually tackle the damp defect found. Therefore, we like to make clients aware that a ‘free’ survey is entirely different to our comprehensive and thorough site surveys where we typically spend upto 2 hours on site, followed by a full report detailing findings, photographs and/or recommended remedial treatments, or health implications.

Healthy Abode charges for the damp survey as we are independent certified surveyors in remedial treatment (CSRT), members of the property care association (PCA) and of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (MCIEH). We are not builders or product installers. Therefore, we are not touting for business when we visit. Our job is to give you impartial, accurate information, diagnosing the defect fully and issuing a schedule of works, so that the recommended remedial works can be followed by a competent tradesperson. We give details of appropriate tradesbodies who you can contact, so that vetted competent contractors can price against our Schedules and undertake the works stated.

This means that if you need to carry out any works, you will know precisely what needs to be done, and the best way to do it, to ensure you are rectifying the defect correctly; at a sensible cost.

Our surveyor aims to give you professional advice to help you to:

o make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with buying the property;

o gain a thorough understanding and take account of what potential remedial treatments/improvements are required.

o advise on any health implications to the occupant’s of the defects

If during or after the survey you decide you would like an additional service, e.g. the surveyor to spend longer than 2 hours, or for a breakdown of remedial costs this can be arranged either on-site with the surveyor, or over the phone with the office. You will be agreeing to the additional charges, which will need to be paid before the report is released.

We ask to allow for 5 working days from date of inspection before the report is ready. If you need the report a lot quicker, then please ask about our costs for a 2 working day fast track service.

Healthy Abode will provide you with an invoice, which has all our payment details on it. You can pay by online or telephone banking (BACS), we can take a credit or debit card payment over the phone, or you can post a cheque.

Please note that it is company policy to ask for a 50% payment to confirm the booking with the remainder to be paid after the survey but prior to the report being released.

Our clients are diverse and therefore we tailor our survey and report to suit their needs, these include property purchasers, management companies,property developers, builders, project managers, tenants & landlords,housing associations and councilssolicitors.

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Our independent Environmental Health Practitioners, are often contacted by tenants, concerned homeowners solicitors, letting agent and landlords to undertake damp, timber and mould surveys, so as to reveal the true cause of dampness, recommend the most appropriate remedial treatment and crucially comment upon health impacts. For these surveys, we assess the premises under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System, Hazard 1: Damp & Mould, and dedicate a comprehensive section of the report to the impact to the occupants health. This includes, illnesses and disease linked to damp and mould defects, a thorough description of the causes of ill health, triggers and ill-health symptoms and makes a judgment on the severity of risk and harm to the occupant.

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Don’t worry, it’s not possible to answer all questions asked in this section, so just drop us an email to: info@healthyabode.co.uk or give Josie or Stuart a telephone in the office on 01245 206 250 or 0203 371 9801 and we will be glad to chat through your concerns, give advice and a verbal quotation (followed by an emailed written quotation) to undertake the survey and produce a report.

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