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Acoustic Surveys & Noise Reports

Essex – Hertfordshire – Cambridgeshire – Suffolk

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We provide noise surveys and acoustic reports for such areas as:

  • Industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas (BS 4142)
  • Sound insulation and noise reduction for proposed residential development (BS 8233)
  • Noise from new mechanical plant.
  • Background environmental noise.
  • Potential impact of a new commercial enterprise on surroundings.
  • Likelihood of complaint from local residents.
  • Likelihood of loss of amenity.
  • Suitability of new machinery or plant, conversion of a building or site and/or development of residential or commercial buildings.

Need an Independent Acoustic Survey to meet BS 4142 or BS 8233?

  • Full thorough assessment by a qualified, professional, friendly, local consultant in Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.
  • Comprehensive written report provides detailed findings from using the latest in sound monitoring equipment.
  • Personal service: we are happy to chat through our findings on-site, over the phone or in the office.
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