Property inspection reports, damp surveys and acoustics what a hectic April

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Property inspection reports, damp surveys and acoustics what a hectic April

Property inspection reports, damp surveys and acoustics what a hectic April!

Our team have been super busy, with our independent damp, timber and mould surveys, property inspection reports, acoustic surveys and noise reports and immigration accommodation and overcrowding assessments. Take our Property Inspection Report service for example. Did you know that when an individual intends to apply to enter the UK to live, or for an extended stay, then if they are from a country outside of the EEC, they have to confirm that they are moving into accommodation that is of a suitable standard, safe from serious health and safety hazards and that will not be made overcrowded by their arrival. Makes sense doesn’t it. After all housing in the UK has been at a national shortage for years and it’s important that we all live in a home that’s safe, not statutorily overcrowded and secure from hazards.

Our surveyors have been undertaking Immigration accommodation reports for over ten-years. That’s a lot of houses we’ve inspected! We only employ surveyors who are environmental health practitioners and/or specialist environmental health and housing consultants. That’s because we believe in producing quality reports, that assist not hinder an individuals visa application. We take the view that if you’re going to do something, well then you may as well do it properly. It’s why our immigration accommodation reports and property inspection reports are 4 to 5 pages in length, contain details on sponsor, occupants and visa applicant, contain a detailed property description, photographs, room measurements and overcrowding assessment. We’ve never had a failure on one of our reports.

April’s also been busy for acoustics. Our acoustic consultnat has been on his feet 24/7 quite literally! After all, noise monitoring isn’t just 9 – 5! We’ve undertaken noise impact assessments, BS8233 noise assessments for residential development in Southend-on-Sea, environmental noise assessments for development of a hotel in Bury St Edmunds and an acoustic assessment for development of a former school to flats in Maldon. In fact, we reguarly cover Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Kent providing acoustic assessments to a wide variety of clients; on occassion we go further afield, so give us a call to see how we can assist.

We are here to help you out! Call our office on 0125 206 250, or email us at and follow us on twitter @HealthyAbode. Our offices are open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

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