Tranquility, calm, peace…. and what, noise complaints!

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Tranquility, calm, peace…. and what, noise complaints!

Tranquility, calm, peace…. and what, noise complaints!

You don’t want those! Healthy Abode’s consultants are independent environmental health practitioners and members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, so are well placed to provide noise impact assessment of proposed developments, assessing the noise impact assessment of roads upon a noise sensitive site, we also produce acoustic reports for the installation of mechanical plant and changes to entertainment venues, ensuring no justifiable noise complaints!

What do we do?

Healthy Abode will undertake environmental noise monitoring and deliver noise impact assessment reports that are commonly requested by Environmental Health Officers Officers and Planners in UK councils.

Why use us?

Our experience working in Local Government Environmental Health departments and in the private sector undertaking acoustic assessments enables us to recommend appropriate noise criteria & suggest amelioration measures such as acoustic barriers ventilation and design of buildings to enable your development to proceed.

How do we contact you?

To discuss your site and gain information on our acoustic surveys, then contact us today on 01245 206 250 or by email

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