Pre-purchase Independent Damp, Timber and Mould Survey – Buying your dream house? Made sure it’s not a damp trap?

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Pre-purchase Independent Damp, Timber and Mould Survey – Buying your dream house? Made sure it’s not a damp trap?

Pre-purchase Independent Damp, Timber and Mould Survey – Buying your dream house? Made sure it’s not a damp trap?

OK, so how many people look for damp when buying a home, a few, though in our experience not many. Most prospective purchasers (aquite rightly) have checked and ticked off aesthetics, layout, parking, charm, functionality, character, proximity to schools, age of boiler, wiring and plumbing. But when it comes to being certain that the house isn’t damp, it’s often not high on the priority list. Which is a shame, because a house with damp, is a dejected occupant, and with remedial works sometimes quoted at thousands, is a poor occupant and living in your house, should be fun!

So if you’re buying your new dream house in Essex, Herts London or surrounding counties and are excited about the plans you have for it? Then engage Healthy Abode to make certain that these aren’t thwarted by any hidden damp, timber and mould defects. For the sake of a few hundred pounds it’s better to have an independent survey carried out, rather than be ripping out a £20,000 kitchen a few years later, just to get to walls!

For example, one of our clients in Wickford, Essex engaged our independent damp surveyors expertise to assess a home they’d offered on. Our office liased with the estate agents to ensure that the survey was undertaken at a suitable time for the vendors to enable access. The clients were unable to be present when the survey was carried out, and therefore following survey our damp surveyor gave them a ring to discuss his findings the same day. The’d opted for our fast track service and so the report was written up within 2 working days and emailed and posted to the clients.

Reassuringly for the clients our surveyor only noted a few defects to the property. Our damp surveyor found that condensation was the problem with condensation damp generated in the bathroom. Our damp surveyor was therefore able to recommend that externally ducted humidistat mechanical extraction fans were fitted, together with externally ducted cooker hoods to help reduce the excess moisture from the bathrooms if the clients went ahead with buying the property. The walls didn’t suffer from rising damp and no penetrating damp was found. Therefore the remedial costs were minimal, with the clietns reassured due to our independent survey.

Many mortgages lenders are increasingly asking for an independent damp, timber, and mould survey to be carried out before agreeing to lend money. Don’t be alarmed by this, there may be nothing wrong at all with the property, but it is always best to have an independent damp surveyor check first.

Where problems have been found in properties, other clients in Hertfordshire and Kent have additionally asked for a breakdown of recommended remedial costs. They have then used these figures to negotiate on the price of the house they are buying. Whilst other clients have used the breakdown of costs to ensure that the mortgage company lowers the retention figure set in place.

So if you are looking into buying your dream house, then have an independent damp, timber and mould survey carried out first, to ensure your dream isn’t going to decay around you. Contact Healthy Abode for more information on 01245 206 250 or by email:

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