March Hares & Common Furniture Beetle – What have they got in common?

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March Hares & Common Furniture Beetle – What have they got in common?

Well it’s obvious isn’t it, they both emerge in March!

OK so lets pretend for just a minute that our damp surveyor isn’t as ‘Mad as a March Hare’ and accept that there’s some link, however tenuous!

What should you need to know about Common Furniture Beetle, well late March is the emergence period, obviously!

Our independent damp, timber and mould surveyor, Stuart, is often called in to confirm whether holes in timber yield the presence of an active wood boring beetle infestation. So how does he tell?

Well aside from his experience, gained over many years of looking at tiny holes week in, week out! Just some of the signs he looks for include:

Fresh emergence holes in timber – these are round or oval shaped with sharp edges, generally the holes will appear clean and fresh.

Tunnels in the wood – hard to see, these galleries can be seen by shining a torch light.

Fresh Frass (Bore dust) – this is caused by emerging adult beetles.

Dead beetles – often found around the infested timber or having been drawn to the light, on nearby windowsills.

With Stuart’s winter skiing holiday in the French Alps over with and disappointingly no French wood boring beetles noted in the chalet timbers, he’s keen to get investigating at your home, so call us on 01245 206 250 to find out more.

It’s not all been skiing this month, as March has seen Stuart undertaking damp surveys across London and in Broxbourne, Brentwood, and Dagenham. If you’re noticing any damp or mould in your home, give us a call today on 01245 206 250.

In the office, Kate has been busy creating a new damp map, showing the locations of our site visits, which we are hoping to have displayed on our website soon. It’ll give you not just an idea of the huge number of independent damp, timber and mould surveys we do each year, but also our geographical coverage which is vast! If you’re uncertain whether we cover your area or not, simple thing to do is just call us, we’ll happily also give you some helpful advice.

Our Property Inspection Reports have seen our surveyor, Josie, undertaking physical surveys in Aylesbury, Southend, Edgware, Redhill and Ascot, with our other surveyors undertaking physical inspections in Southall, Kilburn and Ilford.

With regards to acoustics we’ve also been out on-site in Southend and Maldon monitoring environmental sound levels and undertaking noise impact assessments. Once back in the office, we’ve produced detailed acoustic reports for our clients to submit with their planning applications.

If you want to find out more information, please give us a call on 01245 206 250, or email us at and follow us on Twitter @Healthyabode.

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