‘It’s a drizzly damp February’

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‘It’s a drizzly damp February’

‘It’s a drizzly damp February’ our acoustician complained, ‘well whats new, this is the British Isles tail end of winter’, exclaimed our Office Manger………….

Ensuring rain is kept out of our homes is crucial so as to protect against timber rot, mould spores, wood boring beetle infestation and decay, everyone know’s that surely, of course they do! But like with many things, knowing it and practising it are two very different things!

That’s why Healthy Abode are often called in to do a damp survey. The client knows the type of damp, but they may not know the severity or vice versa, or for that matter the most appropriate remedial treatment. Here, at Healthy Abode we deal with a lot of period (pre-1930’s) Listed and quirky homes. That’s why our Surveyor considers the period, design and build when specifying remedial treatments. We’re not part of the ‘drill, and pump it full of chemicals’ brigade, regardless of the defect. Though at the same time we’re not saying this isn’t always the right treatment! The key is diagnosing the defect, ascertaining the severity then considering the most appropriate solution to achieve the goal, protect your asset, consider the clients budget, ensure aesthetics and that the repair is in keeping with the period and style of property and of course that the remedial treatment won’t pose a risk of harm to occupants; this is particuarly poignant when considering chemical treatments!

So back to drizzly damp February! It’s been a cold February here, at Healthy Abode (and that’s not just because of our tight fisted boss with the heating!). Though, the phones haven’t stopped ringing, with enquires for damp, timber and mould surveys. Words spread throughout Herts, Essex and the surrounding counties of our services and we’ve achieved record number of inspections in a month (turns out being super busy is great at keeping us warm!)

Our damp, timber and mould surveys have shot up this month. Surveys on owner-occupied homes in particular. So if you’ve found damp, timber infestation, decay or mould is affecting your home and are fed up with contractors offering ‘free surveys’ only to try and sell you the same product, they sell to all other clients (regardless of the defect!) then contact Healthy Abode on 01245 206 250, or email us on info@healthyabode.co.uk.

We’re based in Allen House, Sawbridgeworth so if you’re local to Sawbridgeworth and fancy a face-to-face chat about the sexy topic of damp, timber or mould, then just pop in. Our office admin make a pretty fine cup of tea! We survey properties in throughout Essex, Herts, London and the surrounding counties.

On the acoustics side, we’ve been busy carrying out noise assessments for proposed air-conditioning units attached on a residential property in London. Along with carrying our surveys to suggest mitigating noise measures to reduce the noise impact from a busy road, so as to allow residential development on land in Essex.

Our surveyor, Josie, has been out and about carrying out physical immigration accommodation reports, travelling to Aylesbury, Kilburn and South London. With our other surveyor, Stuart, undertaking Property Inspection Reports in Ilford and Southall.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01245 206 250 or drop us an email info@healthyabode.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @Healthyabode.

We are here to help!

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