Is your property suffering from damp, not sure what type, then read on…..

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Is your property suffering from damp, not sure what type, then read on…..


The main types of damp found affecting properties are condensation, rising damp, penetrating dampness and localised flooding.

Condensation – caused when moisture in the air cannot escape the property. The water is held as vapour, upon coming into contact with a cold surface it condenses and settles as water droplets. These droplets then encourage conditions for mould spores to develop and multiply.  

Rising Damp – occurs when moisture rises up through the walls of the property due to capillary action. Often caused by bridging of the damp proof course (DPC), due to high external ground levels, missing DPC’s or damaged and defective DPC’s. Over time, it encourages ground salts to work their way through the masonry and plasterwork, causing a tidal mark. Timber in contact with the damp walls is at risk of rot.  

Penetrating Damp – is when water from outside finds its way into the fabric of the building, this could be due to a multitude of defects, such as soft pointing, defective brick or stonework, damaged windowsills or missing roof tiles.

If your house is suffering from damp, then contact our experienced, professional surveyors on 01245 206 250. We’ll arrange a property survey, produce a detailed report identifying defects, including colour photographs as well as a schedule of recommended remedial treatments, which your trades persons can follow to solve the problem.

We can tailor our survey and reports to suit your needs. We are used by a wide variety of clients including house purchasers, solicitors, council and housing association’s, homeowners and landlord/tenants.

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