Demolition and Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring Systems

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Demolition and Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring Systems

HA Acoustics provide noise, vibration and dust monitoring of construction and demolition sites.

Demolition and Construction works, together with other heavy industries such as ports, power stations, airports, rail and road installations, quarrying, mining and ministry of defence facilities are all industries where high noise, vibration and/or dust levels are common and where both occupational and environmental monitoring is increasingly required.

Noise, vibration and/or dust emissions generated during demolition and construction projects can often be a potential nuisance to neighbouring residents or businesses. Therefore, HA Acoustics customers have found that increasingly they are finding dust, vibration or noise monitoring requirements by local authorities, including County and Borough Councils, Environmental Protection Agency, Port Authorities to install long-term noise, vibration and/or dust monitors onto sites, so as to continuously log levels.

Typically the regulators conditions set maximum specified limits over specific periods or longer-term average noise levels.

Our noise, vibration and dust monitoring systems feature:

  • Autonomous 24/7 data collection sent to a cloud based monitoring system
  • Web portal access to named users so that noise, dust and vibration levels from your site can be easily seen in real-time, accessed from anywhere
  • Trigger alerts sending SMS/email alerts to key stakeholders, such as clients, project and site managers, site Health & Safety representatives
  • Optional weather stations incorporated
  • Optional traffic-light systems giving visual warnings onsite
  • Solar power monitoring where no 110v power available

Our systems are installed on-site, enabling boundary monitoring, reassurance to customers that they are within levels, thus reducing risk of litigious action or the local authority serving notice to cease works.

Take noise as an example, construction noise monitoring is imperative at sites in high density urban areas such as inner city. At time of writing this article, in 2020, we’re monitoring at least 10 sites within London alone at any one time. The areas we’re monitoring in, are generally mixed use residential and commercial buildings, where excessive noise can interfere with business activities, leading to potential loss of employee productivity and residents quality of life.

Additionally, buildings such as hospitals, museums, data centres, television and recording studios have sensitive equipment that must be protected from loud disturbances and vibration and/or microscopic dust particulates.

Other sites,  feature nearby schools or office buildings, will be busy at certain times of day, often when projects are underway or places of worship, where peace and tranquility are favoured particularly at times of prayer. As a result, noise regulations will vary across times of day and night and across different areas of the UK.

At HA Acoustics, we’re a dynamic team of Consultants that understand regulators requirements and conditions and have huge experience of past and current noise, dust and vibration monitoring. Therefore, we treat each customers enquiry as bespoke, we put together a scope of works that enables noise, vibration and/or dust monitoring using the right manufacturer’s equipment for the particular job and ensuring real-time continuous monitoring systems to meet regulators conditions and client’s budgetary constraints.

As an environmental engineering consultancy, rather than just a hire company, our customers don’t just benefit from great kit, installed professionally with a fantastic monitoring system and trigger alerts, they also benefit from HA Acoustics consultancy expertise, our IT teams keeping an eye on equipment and our consultancy team, assisting in periodically monitoring the systems operability and being on hand to provide guidance on noise, vibration and dust levels, alerts, British Standards and regulatory compliance.


For further information on our demolition and construction noise, vibration and dust boundary monitoring systems, please get in touch with one of the HA Acoustics team.


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